Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design


Compatibility with CAD Systems

TopoR provides compatibility with the most popular CAD Systems and technological equipment

Advanced Export/Import features for project data exchange allow to use TopoR in conjunction with the majority of contemporary CAD Systems for PCB design


TopoR CAD System allows to Import and Export project data in the SPECCTRA format providing data exchange both on the PCB topology level and on the routing level.

This allows to use TopoR with many other PCB CAD Systems which support SPECCTRA DSN format, such as Elektra, Altium, Pulsonix, Eagle, DipTrace, etc.

Mentor PADS

TopoR supports two-way topological data exchange with PADS CAD System by Mentor.

Mentor Expedition

TopoR supports Import and Export of project data with this professional CAD System. It also provides correct transition of technological rules and restrictions (CES).


Transparent work with this popular PCB CAD System is supported. P-CAD ASCII format is used for data exchange.

TopoR CAD System allows to output data in formats necessary for execution of design documentation and PCB manufacturing


TopoR allows to output technical drawings in the DXF popular graphical data format. After this engineering documentation can be processed in the following general-purpose CAD Systems as AutoCad, SolidWorks and others.


This output format is the most widely spread standard of PCB topology for transferring data to production. It is used for photoplotters, board testers, etc.


This format is standard for PCB drilling data transferring to production.

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