Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design

What’s new in SimOne 1.5


Simulation Results Processing

  • Measurement Traces.

    Measurement graphs as a functions of parametric sweep variables are added.

  • Logarithmic  scale.

    Logarithmic  scale  for AC-analysis graphs is now available.

  • Output variables.

    As an output variables now can be used component currents, powers, charges, fluxes, input model parameters e.g.
    Qgd(J1), R(R1), PS(C1),PD(R2),Cbc(Q1), AF(F2)  etc.


  • SPICE-reader bugs.
  • PWL-signal calculation bugs.
  • Calculation of output component currents.
  • Etc.

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