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RISC-V support in FX-RTOS


RISC-V support in FX-RTOS

FX-RTOS now supports the RISC-V architecture, which is dynamically developing with the support of an open community organized by an association of major technology companies.

RISC-V is a free open source microprocessor architecture. The popularity of RISC-V is gaining momentum in connection with the development of new types of embedded devices, in particular in the framework of the concept of the Internet of Things.

With the development of RISC-V, electronics manufacturers and software developers are increasingly using the capabilities of this architecture to create specialized products. Due to the open architecture, such products, for example, can meet the highest requirements of cybersecurity.

EREMEX is currently testing FX-RTOS Nanokernel (beta, RISC-V) with a number of its CEA manufacturing partners and is ready to provide it for testing to all interested companies. To do this, just send a request to

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