Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design


SimOne. Circuit Simulation

SimOne is an effective high performance circuit simulation environment, which uses original algorithms based on state-of-the-art numerical methods along with classical ones.

SimOne up to 10 times faster than usual SPICE-simulators at the same precision level.

SimOne includes a complete SPICE-based circuit simulation and  provides such new features as Periodic Steady-State analysis and Stability analysis of circuits.

Periodic Steady-State determines the steady-state behavior of the circuit avoiding long and cumbersome calculations of the transients.

Stability analysis shows if the circuit is stable in the current operating point; determines components affecting its stability; allows studying stability under varying temperature and parameters of components models.

SimOne includes:

  • Circuit Components Library;
  • Capture Schematic Editor;
  • Graph Viewer  for simulation results displaying;
  • Simulation results post-processing.

The Components Library contains built-in SPICE components models (SPICE-primitives), and an extensive database of real circuit components models (more than 30 000). It also provides a convenient interaction with  SPICE-libraries files and graphical macro-models.

The Capture Schematic Editor is a Windows MDI application, which provides easy creating and editing of circuits and components models, managing models library and simulation routines.

The Graph Viewer and Postprocessor allows

  • Plotting graphs of desired circuit variables and functions of them;
  • Using cursor functions for the curves parameters evaluation;
  • Making various measurements of curves parameters, with their automatic recalculation as simulation restarts;
  • Plotting graphs of measurements as function of any stepping parameter;
  • Calculating spectral properties of curves using the Fast Fourier Transform.

SimOne provides export of simulation results and circuit equations in numerical and symbolic forms into Matlab, Maple and MS Excel.


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