Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design


TopoR Competitive Advantages

PCB design time reduced up to several times

TopoR provides extremely fast comprehensive routing with unsurpassed quality. Learn More »

High-quality autorouting

Autorouting quality is comparable to manual routing or exceeds it. Learn More »

Improved electromagnetic compatibility

TopoR allows to avoid wire parallelism reducing electromagnetic crosstalks. Learn More »

Design of complex and high-speed PCBs

TopoR ensures full support for complex and high-speed PCBs design. Learn More »

Capability to exchange data with the most commonly-used CAD systems

TopoR supports import and export of PCAD, DSN and PADS ASCII PCB files; Output of design results can be done in DXF and Gerber format. Learn More »

Increased PCB reliability

PCBs developed with the use of TopoR are more reliable and effectively designed for production. Learn More »

Optimal price/performance ratio

While offering excellent speed and design quality, ease of use and functional capabilities, TopoR can boast comparably moderate pricing. Learn More »

Other unique features offered by ТоpоR

TopoR offers features that are specifically designed to help you meet the increased demands and challenges of contemporary PCB design. Learn More »

Benefits for our customers

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