Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design



FX-RTOS — real-time operating system for embedded applications

Feature List


1. Component architecture without mandatory elements. Unused  components are not included into the target image

2. Symmetric multiprocessing is supported

3. The system scales down to simple preemptive event handlers without full-fledged threads

4. The operating system is configurable using dependency injection technique.

5. Reusable components can be combined in various configurations.

6. Various scheduling policies are supported (priority-based, FIFO, round-robin and their combinations)

7. Extensibility with user-defined components.

8. Effective interrupt handling.

9. Easy cross-platform portability.

10. POSIX support (optional).

11. Cross-platform utilities for configuring and building the OS.

12. Source code is provided.

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