Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design


TopoR Main Features

High-quality autorouting and improved electro-magnetic compatibility

Route the wiring topology automatically and flexibly (directions are not limited by 90º and 45º).

Each wire has a minimal length and goes around pads with a proper clearance. Absence of preferred routing directions in layers considerably reduces wire parallelism, which in its turn reduces electromagnetic crosstalks.

Simultaneous optimization of multiple layout versions

TopoR can perform parallel optimization of several alternative topology variants, which differ in optimized parameters, while the user is offered a choice of selecting one or several variants.

Ability to assign minimal and preferred clearance for each net

A user can immediately define the technical possibility of routing the board within the limits of the specified number of layers, specified clearance and other technical limitations based on the routing density and the amount of technical constraints violations.

TopoR can displace components on a routed board, while preserving layout integrity and observing design constraints

One the unique features of TopoR is its capability to move components on the routed board while preserving the connections topology. Geometry and positioning of components are automatically calculated to comply with the new components position.


Movement of components, vias and wire branching is used to decrease wires length, provide the utmost clearance space which should be not less than required (to eliminate the narrow spaces). Movement can be performed both manually and automatically, and the most effective wires shape is defined immediately.

Smart BGA component routing

Due to absence of preferred routing directions in layers and deep level of optimization TopoR provides quality routing of contemporary BGA components, which is traditionally a very difficult problem for other routers.

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