Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design



TopoR (Topological Router) — is a unique high-performance topological router for printed circuit boards design. TopoR effectiveness is achieved due to combination of the following characteristics:

  • Fast routing with excellent quality, in most cases superior to time-consuming qualified manual routing.
  • TopoR provides a set of powerful tools, which altogether make electronic devices design time dozens times less.
  • Unique algorithms and alternative approach for solution of complex problems.

By using TopoR you can significantly reduce PCB design cycles, increase their technological effectiveness, reliability and quality, lower production costs.

In comparison with other CAD systems TopoR allows to substantially decrease the overall wire length and reduce the number of vias. This means more space on a board and possibility of either increasing clearance between wires and size of contact pads or making the board smaller in size or reduction of the layers quantity.

Reduction of vias, decreasing the number of layers and the size of the board — these are the key factors for reducing PCB production costs are.

Effective usage of mounting surface and absence of preferred routing directions (not limited by 90º and 45º results in reduction of electromagnetic crosstalks up to several times in comparison with other CAD systems.

TopoR is the only autorouter on the market capable of successfully routing single-layer boards.

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