Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design


Competitive Advantages

The SimOne Approach to Electronic Circuit Simulation

  1. High-speed simulation. Tens of times faster than classic SPICE software.
    SimOne’s simulation speed is achieved by the use of original software technology, cutting-edge computing algorithms and parallel calculations.
    The code matrix processor is a highly efficient implementation of the basic matrix operations required by the calculations; it is used across the whole circuit simulation process.
    The Simulation Assistant remembers the specifics of the circuit for the current analysis  and reuses this information during subsequent launches. This makes it especially efficient for multivariate analysis, such as temperature or parametric sweeps.
  2. High Precision.
    This is due to the use of contemporary computing methods of high order of precision and support for high-precision representations of floating-point numbers.
  3. Multicore support and parallel simulation.
    Circuit analysis sessions run simultaneously due to support for multicore processor architectures. After launching any type of analysis, you can continue working with the schematic and perform parallel simulation.
  4. Circuit Stability Analysis.
    Helps to estimate the operability of the circuit at the operating point selection stage.
  5. Export of simulation results.
    The variables, expressions and equations that have been prepared can be exported to well-known engineering numeric program such as Matlab and Maple, and to Excel.
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