Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design


Other features

TopoR CAD System offers unique capabilities for developers

Unique routing algorithms.

TopoR CAD System uses innovative isotropic topology routing with arc-shaped smoothing of wires. These algorithms allow to use available board surface in the most efficient way and quickly receive highly-optimized topology variants including those obtained by using parallel computing.

Topology fragment provided by TopoR CAD System

Special BGA components routing algorithms ensure unique routing completeness while keeping the shortest interconnections of components contact points with the internal layers of the board.

BGA area routing made by TopoR

Advanced algorithms or wires and differential pairs length smoothing based on the principle of filling a randomly-shaped and oriented trapezoid allow for highly efficient usage of PCB surface during the process of high-speed PCB design.

During the wire length adjustment TopoR uses randomly-oriented trapezoids. Wire length precision is 50 nm. 

TopoR CAD System offers a unique capability to consider logical equivalence of components leads. All the changes are tracked in the ECO file which can then be imported to a schematic design system.

Topology of a PCB routed without considering logical equivalence of components leads. The number of vias is 67, overall wires length is 5,21 meters.


Topology of a PCB routed with a condition of logical equivalence of all FPGA microcircuit components leads. The number of vias is 17, overall wires length is 3, 79 meters.

Topology router

The innovative topology router can significantly increase an engineer’s productivity. Topology router automatically calculates the optimal shape and wire positioning in terms of the defined topology. This allows engineers to concentrate on the topological aspects of design without paying attention to the wires shape and observing technological restrictions. Touching or even number or wires intersections is not considered a violation. It is sufficient to push a button and move to the topological mode to “string” the wires automatically and move them to the necessary distance.

a) Touching or even number or wires intersections is not considered a violation;


b) With a push of a button the wires automatically “strung” and moved to the necessary distance.

One the unique features of TopoR is its capability to move components on the routed board while preserving the connections topology. Geometry  and positioning of components are automatically calculated to comply with the new components position.

PCB fragment before and after moving a capacitor

Data output to technological equipment.

Special processing of Gerber files for PCB testers.

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