Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design


Increased PCB reliability

TopoR CAD System allows to design PCBs with improved reliability as well as enhance other production and performance characteristics

Improved electromagnetic compatibility

As a result of using innovative algorithms of isotropic routing, overall wires length minimization and usage of arc-shaped wires, TopoR provides excellent electromagnetic compatibility and interference immunity. More details

Improved reliability as a result of minimizing the overall number of structural components and design simplification

Vias are the most vulnerable PCB elements in case of exposure to climatic and mechanical impact. TopoR allows to significantly decrease the number of vias. Moreover in many cases TopoR allows to route the board with fewer layers and/or get rid of technically complicated blind and hidden vias. In other words TopoR allows to increase a PCB reliability by reducing the quantity of layers, avoid technically complicated types of via-holes and significant reduction of vias number.

TopoR CAD System uses highly-efficient routing algorithms which allow to increase the size of contact pads, use wider conductors and increase spacing between them with all other conditions being equal. This results in improved PCB reliability by using approved technical processes for manufacturing PCBs of less accuracy grade and better immunity towards harsh environmental conditions.

Sharp angles can lead to a number of problems while routing a PCB. Inside such a corner a kind of pocket is formed with poorly etched areas, where solder buildups and spikes are formed during soldering. Due to a slight compression stress in galvanic deposits induced by soldering temperature, a sharp corner may peel off the base. If a wire has high electric potential, the corner apex gains high electric-field gradient; contaminations are accumulated at this point due to electrostatic deposition of dust. This creates an electric breakdown hazard. By using smooth wires without dog-legs TopoR CAD System allows to minimize such problems.

In case of using a particular technology of PCB manufacturing, the principle of preferred directions orthogonal routing on both sides of PCBs, widely used by the popular autorouters can result in the PCB “twisting”. Such “twisting” can later negatively influence the process of components placement/soldering and the overall product reliability. TopoR CAD System does not have preferred routing directions and thus cannot provide such effects.

Manufacturing costs reduction

During the multi-layer PCB design, the process is targeted at minimizing the number of layers. Each additional layer significantly increases the PCB price. The increase of signal layers quantity in PCBs which are parts of high-duty or high-frequency devices requiring to preserve the characteristics of transmission path, will result in doubling the number of layers. This is caused by necessity for such devices of screening by the layers of ground and supply which are laid between the signal layers. In many cases TopoR CAD System allows to significantly reduce PCB production costs because it allows to design the board with less number of layers and avoid using expensive blind and hidden vias.

In many cases TopoR allows to route a PCB with less strict design rules and using smaller PCB surface. In the first case you can save on using less expensive technological process of manufacturing PCBs of less accuracy grade. In the second case this can be done due to less expensive PCB material.  

One of the key factors influencing the PCB manufacturing costs is the number of via-holes. An average price increase for each 300 vias is 1 dollar. The manufacturing time is also increased. Each 1000 via-holes will require additional 2,5 – 3 minutes excluding time required for periodical drilling bit replacement. These factors can become critical for high-volume or mass production.

For low- and average-volume production of electronic devices development costs can compose the major part of their price. PCB routing stage especially for high-frequency ones requires engagement of highly-skilled professionals and is one of the most resource-requiring both in terms of timing and material resources. As a rule TopoR CAD System allows to reduce the duration of routing stage and its costs up to several times. Shorter time-to-market period for a new product achieved with the help of TopoR CAD System can be even more important factor. It cannot be overestimated under the conditions of electronics high development rates and tough competition on the market.

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