Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design


Design of complex and high-speed PCBs

TopoR includes the functionality required for design of high-speed and saturated PCBs

Wires length limitation and smoothing

TopoR CAD System allows to set limitations for wires length and classes as well as adjust length of wires related to any class with specified precision. It also correctly processes situations with circuits containing sequential alignment components as well as it can consider the length of circuits within the integrated circuit package.

As opposed to other CAD Systems which make circuit stretching by adjusting the “serpentine” to the orthogonal area with 45-degrees angle orientation, TopoR uses randomly-oriented areas for this purpose. This allows to use PCB surface more efficiently.

During the wire length adjustment TopoR uses randomly-oriented trapezoids. Wire length precision is 50 nm.

Efficient work with differential pairs

TopoR offers efficient autorouting of differential pairs. Equality of conductors length in a pair is provided with the preciseness level which was set in the routing rules.

Length limitation can be set both for single conductors and for differential pairs. As well as it is possible to set equalization of length for several differential pairs belonging to one bus.

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