Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design


Optimal price/performance ratio

TopoR CAD System ensures perfect price/performance ratio

Being an ideal PCB design tool, TopoR ensures significant productivity increase of engineers involved in PCB design process.

The majority of tasks can be performed by TopoR automatically. However the quality of results provided by TopoR will be comparable to the quality of qualified PCB design engineer manual process.

TopoR offers unique capabilities for semi-automatic routing with the help of built-in PCB topological router. A designer can switch to manual editing mode at any time. He will have all the functions required for manual routing.

While offering excellent speed and design quality, ease of use and functional capabilities, TopoR can boast comparably moderate pricing.

You can find the pricing and available options for TopoR CAD System here. You can also download a free demo version.

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