Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design

Eremex is pleased to invite you to visit our presentation at PCB West Conference 2013.


How Can the PCB Routing Be Sped Up and Improved

We continue to make reports at conferences on the latest techniques used in our innovative products TopoR and SimOne.

Eremex team is pleased to invite you to visit our report at PCB West 2013 conference,


PCB routing methods continue to evolve. Any-angle flexible routing used in our CAD TopoR will be considered.

Flexible routing using a force-based algorithm allows for dynamically building net trees close to the shortest (Steiner trees).

Any-angle routing implies the absence of any wires binding to a grid. A wire shape depends on surrounding objects.

The advantages of any-angle flexible routing will be shown using real examples made in TopoR.

To learn more visit our report from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 at PCB West 2013.

PCB West 2013 Technical Conference Program

24 September 2013,  4:00 p.m. โ€“ 5:00 p.m.,  PCB West conference 2013, Santa Clara Convention Center, CA.

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