Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design

The new version of Simone 1.6 is now available


What’s new in  SimOne 1.6

Operating Point Analysis

The Operating Point Analysis is now an interactive process. User can modify the circuit and the current operating point will be recalculated automatically. The results will be shown in a table and displayed at the schematic as well.

Operating Point Analysis window:

The table of results:

AC Point Analysis

AC Point Analysis calculates the AC voltages and currents and component small-signal parameters at the user specified frequency.  AC Point Analysis is an interactive process like the Operating Point Analysis.

AC Point Analysis window:

The table of results:

Parametric Sweep

The following parameters can now be stepped:

  • component attribute parameters;
  • model parameters;
  • global parameters(those created with a .DEFINE, .PARAM statement)

SPICE netlist

  • The following SPICE commands are now supported: .IC, .NODESET – for operating point calculation,
    .OPTIONS, .OP, .TRAN, .AC, .STEP, .TEMP – for simulations,
    .PLOT, .PRINT, .PROBE – for displaying results;
  • Export Schematic to SPICE netlist is now available


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