Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design

The new version of TopoR 6.0 is now available


What’s new in build 6.0.16008

  • All units (Imperial or metric) are set as specified in the original design after importing from PCAD.
  • A notice is added about cleaning backup log in the Topology editor after applying the changes.
  • Added compatibility with GerberLogix by EasyLogix (changed format of gerber files created in TopoR)

Fixed bugs

  • Modified the workflow with signals when using pin swap. Switching the pin swap on now requires closing the Design Properties Editor the editor in this mode is disabled.
  • elimination of the duplication of DRC violations messages which occured in some cases when running the automated procedures
  • removed duplicate entry of "tolerance for the DRC» parameter when exporting to TopoR PCB
  • Corrected text styles when exporting to TopoR PCB.
  • Fixed bugs with vias and pads entries that occurred when exporting to Eagle.

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