Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design

The new version of SimOne 2.2 is now available


What’s new in SimOne 2.2


  • Text component for SPICE definitions of the circuit has been added. It can be used for defining the circuit or its parts, including files that contain models or defining new models, setting simulation commands, postprocessing commands and any other valid SPICE commands that can be included into a SPICE netlist.
  • circuit storage files format has been changed;
  • interface of text components of the editor is improved.


  • .meas[ure] command for Measurements is now supported in HSPICE/LTSPICE/NGSPICE formats;
  • Measurement command in SimOne format is added.


Signal period finding


.meas period trig v(out)=0.5 rise=6 targ v(out)=0.5 rise=7


.meas period1 period v(out) 0.5 11

Bandpass width finding:


.meas ac tmp max mag(V(out))

.meas ac Bandwidth trig mag(V(out))=tmp/sqrt(2) rise=1

+               targ mag(V(out))=tmp/sqrt(2) fall=last


.meas ac Band1 Bandwidth mag(v(out))

 SPICE-netlist translator

  • Circuit stability analysis command:
    .stab hod [log/lin] [eigen] — automatic stability computation
             hod — use Mikhailov hodograph;
             log/lin — hodograph plotting options;
             eigen — circuit eigenvalues computation.
    .stab lin/dec/oct  <step> <start> < stop> — hodograph plotting in the given interval
             <step>  — step or points number within the interval;
             <start>, <stop> — left and right borders of the interval.
  • Periodic Steady State calculation command:
    .pss [<period>] [<Nperiods>] [<Maxiter>] [<tolerance>]
    <period> — the period of the process, automatically determined if not set;
    <Nperiod> — stabilization periods number;
    <Maxiter> — maximal iterations number;
    <tolerance> — accuracy tolerance.
  • Etc.


  • Convergence of the dc sweep analysis  is improved;
  • Kirchhoff currents law control is corrected;
  • Simulations management is improved.

Mathematical expressions

  • Integer division quotient — \ or DIV — and remainder — % or MOD — operators has been added.

 Bug-fixes in

  • .IC command and UIC option in Transient analysis;
  • ·etc. 

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