Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design

The new version of TopoR 6.1 is now available


What's new in build TopoR 6.1.16540


  • When changing the units in the Display Control Settings the panels in the Design Properties Editor were not updated.
  • The message bar wasn’t updating when switching the mode of calculation of the wires shape (with and without arcs).
  • Fixed via type assignment import from PCAD
  • Fixed TopoR PCB import. Previously, incorrect import of keepouts for group of layers.
  • Fixed errors during manual routing.
  • The minimum value of the copper area is reduced to 0.01 mm2.


  • Any angle rotation is now possible with the precision of a tenth of a degree.
  • When grouping objects in “All” and “Ungrouped” categories, the number of objects is shown.
  • Increased stability.

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