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The new version of SimOne 2.4 is now available


What’s new in SimOne 2.4

External libraries support

All included external libraries — SPICE-libraries and SimOne schematic-files containing subcircuits — are now shown in “Place” menu. Any component of the libraries is available for placing to the schematic.


SimOne can track different events happening during circuit simulations, namely

  • Local minimum of an expression is found,
  • Local maximum of an expression is found,
  • Certain value of an expression is reached (optional: from a specified side),
  • Certain value of a curve slope is reached (optional: from a specified side),
  • Inflection point is found,
  • Any specified condition (IF expression) is satisfied.

An event can be set to take one of the following actions as it happens:

  • Pause simulation,
  • Stop simulation,

Just write the event time into the Log.

Event window

Statistical analysis in Multi-variant analyses

Monte-Carlo analysis/Worst case analysis is added to multi-variant analyses. It allows analyzing the circuit with one or more its parameters distributed in some range. For any parameter of a single element, component model or signal source or a global parameter the distribution range and law can be set.

The statistical analysis runs multiple simulations with different values of the chosen parameters. As a result of the analysis families of desired graphs and histograms of studied characteristics are presented.


.MC <number of runs> <analysis type> < expression1> <expression2> … <measurement1> <measurement2>…


.MC 100 tran V(out) I(Rн) Vmax Imax

.MC 10  ac db(V(Rн)) Band1

.MC 100 dc I(Rн) Imax

Monte-Carlo Analysis tab of the Simulation window


Histograms are an alternative way of presenting simulation results and show the numerical values of plots distribution by chosen intervals.

Add Histogram window

Histogram view


Signals can now be set in the form of sound (as .wav-files). Plots as well can be exported as .wav-files and played directly in SimOne.

Mathematical expressions

  • Random value generators with different distributions, and Integral transforms are added.


  • Bug with PWL-signals
  • Etc.

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