Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design

The ner version of TopoR 6.2 is now available


What's new in build TopoR 6.2

Main Changes

1. Added new shapes of pads - rectangles with rounded corners (Figure 1., with cut corners (Figure 2.) and finger pads (Figure 3.).

Fig. 1 . A rectangle with rounded corners

Fig. 2 Rectangle with cut corners

Fig. 3 Finger pads

In order to get a pad with one of the mentioned shapes, in the list of pad shapes in the manual editor, you need to select an image of a rectangle with a cut-off corner, and then in the properties of the item indicate the type of corner (rounded or cut-off // bevelled). For the rounded corners set the radius of curvature, for the cut-off // bevelled - the value of cutting. In addition, by using the check boxes you can specify exactly which corner will have the specified type. In particular, finger pads are obtained if the rounded type is selected and rounding radius is half the width of the rectangle.

2. Added the ability to connect the wires to the corners of the contact pads

In the "Design" menu, a new option added - "Wire connection to pads settings". It brings up a dialog box (Fig. 4), which specifies a list of pads with wires connected to its' corners.

Fig. 4. Window of connection settings

Clicking on the "+" opens the object selection window where you can select either padstacks or individual pads.

By default (in the "Detect automatically" mode) the connection to the corners is permitted only for the rounded (or cut-off//bevelled) corners of rectangles, which have sufficient radius of curvature.

3. Added editing of the netlists contents.

Editing the list of pins included in the net is possible in two ways - through direct remapping of pin in the pin properties, or through a new option "Net contents" in the Parameter Editor:

Fig. 5. Editing  net contents

In "Net contents" you can delete pins from the net, add them to another net, rename nets, create new and delete existing nets. This makes it possible to modify the netlist directly in TopoR, without having to go to an external CAD.

Pin swapping for a net in the pin properties is shown on Fig. 6, taking D1-A52 pin as an example.

Fig. 6. Pin properties

For the "Net" if you click on "Change" the following window will open - "Change net" (Figure 7.). It is possible to set the net to which the pin will be assigned.

Fig. 7. Net modification

Trial version and software protection

  • A new license security is introduces by Guardant. Now licensed version of TopoR  be protected either by a hardware or a software keys.
  • Trial verions of the program is available  - it gives a user an opportunity to get acquainted with the program for up to 90 days.

Other Changes

  • Support of *.fsx designs created in previous versions of TopoR (6.0 and later). Saving the design will be enabled for the latest version format only.
  • In addition to the "absolute" coordinates of the cursor the relative coordinates are shown - shift related to the point at which last left button click was.
  • New default hotkey option for "Active layer only» (Shift + S)
  • Added hotkeys to display the wires as thin lines (default is not assigned) and to activate dialogue of net assignment (default Shift + N).
  • In the context menu of the editor added "Select Entire Net" and "Enable Flexible Fixing" items.
  • Double-click on the DRC violation message highlights the conflicting objects.


  • Units of measure for imported designs are now installed automatically - according to the data of the imported file.
  • After the start of autoprocedures the state of the search box is preserved

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