Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design

Topology editor and automatic router for PCB design

Electronic circuit simulator

Why Topor?

  • PCB design time reduced up to several times

    TopoR provides extremely fast comprehensive routing with unsurpassed quality. Learn More »

  • High-quality autorouting

    Autorouting quality is comparable to manual routing or exceeds it. Learn More »

  • Improved electro-magnetic compatibility

    TopoR allows to avoid wire parallelism reducing electromagnetic crosstalks. Learn More »

  • Design of complex and high-speed PCBs

    TopoR ensures full support for complex and high-speed PCBs design. Learn More »

Why SimOne?

  • High-speed modeling

    Tens of times faster than classic SPICE software.
    Learn More »

  • High Precision

    This is due to the use of contemporary computing methods of high order of precision and support for high-precision representations of floating-point numbers.
    Learn More »

  • Multicore support and parallel modeling

    Circuit analysis sessions run simultaneously due to support for multicore processor architectures. After launching any type of analysis, you can continue working with the schematic and perform parallel modeling.
    Learn More »

  • Circuit Stability Analysis

    Helps to estimate the operability of the circuit at the operating point selection stage.
    Learn More »

  • Export of modeling results

    Export results to to well-known engineering numeric program such as Matlab and Maple, and to Excel.
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